I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Brave New World’.

This week focussed on Nikita and Birkhoff’s mission to try to get Michael a new hand. Birkhoff found evidence of a man who used to work with Division growing a new leg for the VP of Kosovo. Nikita flies out behind everyone’s back (except Birkhoff’s, obviously) to investigate, and discover sit is flesh and blood with a carbon fibre bone. However, whilst trying to rescue the scientist from the paranoid VP, Nikita is captured.

Michael and Alex discover what Nikita and Birkhoff are up to, and Ryan sanctions them to go to bring her back. Birkhoff tells Ryan that he needs to do what Percy would do to save Division (he called it ‘controlling the narrative’), which Ryan does expertly (much to Birkhoff’s clear disdain). Michael, Alex and a team head to Kosovo with orders – to kill the VP.

The scientist agrees to help Michael get a new hand for safe passage out of the situation, which is assured when Michael and Alex turn up and kill the VP, making it look like a coup. Michael and Nikita discover that the scientist is using children as test subjects, and Nikita is forced to shoot him. Back at Division, Nikita apologises, but Michael says she doesn’t need to, as she gave him hope, and the people the scientist worked for are still out there. Ryan informs the team that the President was very impressed with how they dealth with Kosovo, and has given them more to look into. This is the rebirth of the old Division, it seems.

It was a good episode, and a refreshing break from the ‘dirty 30’ and Amanda. Ryan seems to be transitioning into a more Percy-like figure, which will be interesting to watch, and there’s still plenty of storylines up in the air that need to be resolved. I can’t wait for more.

Thanks for reading.