I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Arrow, ‘Betrayal’.

This week, Oliver confronts his mother about the list of names, but she denies any knowledge. Diggle does not trust Moira and decides to look into her daily activities. Oliver has flashbacks to his time on the island, where he met Slade Wilson, an Australian Intelligence operative who came to the island to free Yao Fei (yes, bit of a nerdgasm at Deathstroke – again).

Laurel enlists the help of the vigilante when criminal Cyrus Vanch is released from prison on a technicality (Vanch is a known murderer). Oliver acquires evidence that could put Vanch back behind bars, but Vanch discovers what the vigilante is up to and kidnaps Laurel in an attempt to kill the vigilante and take leadership over the city’s gangs. Detective Lance and the vigilante team up to save Laurel, as Lance realizes that Vanch has contacts on the police force and that was how he learned of Laurel working with the vigilante.

The pair save Laurel, with Oliver stopping Lance from killing Vanch as revenge for kidnapping Laurel. In order to protect Laurel, Oliver decides that she can no longer have contact with the vigilante. Diggle presents evidence to Oliver that his mother is connected to the group he is hunting, and that she also knew that his father’s yacht was sabotaged and kept it to herself. In response, Oliver decides to interrogate his mother again, but this time as the vigilante.

It was a strong episode, with some great revelations for the characters (particularly Oliver), and the proper introduction of Slad Wilson. I can’t wait to see what they do with it, and I can’t wait for the introduction of Colton Haynes in the coming episodes as well.

Thanks for reading.