I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Survival Instincts’.

This week we focus on tracking down another member of the ‘Dirty 30’, Ray. Owen and Nikita get information on him (just), and they take advantage when he resurfaces and kidnaps his ex-wife. Sean has come to Division to see if Michael is ok, and to see Alex, who gives him the brush off at first, but when he leads the second team to find Ray, she softens a little. Michael tells Nikita that he won’t be returning to the field because of his hand, and that Owen will be her new partner.

After losing the back up of the state police, Owen and Nikita head off on their own, eventually finding Sean, who is the only surviving member of his team. Owen gets shot, though his armour protects him, and Nikita makes him stay to watch over Sean whilst she goes after Ray. Nikita finds his ex-wife, and when Ray shows up they fight, leading to her putting him down. Ray’s wife is then found by the state police, but says that it wasn’t Ray, after a warning from Nikita. Back in Division, Alex goes to see Sean and they rekindle their relationship, and Michael and Nikita spar a little before Michael walks off. The episode ends with Birkhoff talking to Nikita about a possible way for Michael to get his hand back (yes, back…), but it could lead to a dark path.

It was an excellent episode, which really showed of Owen as a character, whilst also progressing the relationships between all of the main cast. It was good fun, and I enjoyed watching it. I can’t wait to see what happens next week, especially with this new development from Birkhoff.

Thanks for reading.