The Vampire Diaires.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, ‘A View To A Kill’.

The episode begins with Klaus catching Stefan sneaking out of Rebekah’s place. He demands the last dagger (Kol took the others, and has the white oak stake – quite an arsenal), but Rebekah refuses. Klaus agrees to babysit Damon whilst Stefan tries to get the dagger. However, Elena tells Stefan her plan for Jeremy to kill Kol, and says the dagger needs to be used on Rebekah to keep her from taking revenge. Meanwhile, Kol attacks Bonnie at the school, only to be defeated by expression (though only temporarily).

Bonnie gets home, where her father puts her on lockdown. Meanwhile, Kol shows up at the Gilbert house, and Jeremy invites him in whilst Matt goes to help Stefan find the dagger. Jeremy then leaves to get Bonnie, and Elena stays to talk with Kol. It’s an interesting conversation, which shows off his playful side, his menacing side, and his emotional side. In the end, despite several attempts to keep him there longer, he walks out, saying he’ll take the notion of a truce under advisement.

Jeremy forces his way into Bonnie’s house and tells her what happened, and she’s about to leave when her mother shows up and drugs her. Jeremy goes bck to the house to talk to Elena. Klaus and Damon have an interesting conversation about love, and the effect it has. When Jeremy returns home, Elena tells him she couldn’t keep Kol there. There’s a ring of the doorbell, and Kol is there saying truce refused (he’d been waiting to hear what she told Jeremy). He then played a game of hide and seek, where he was going to kill Elena and rip off Jeremy’s arms. However, not before he gives Klaus a quick call to tell him. Klaus compels Damon to stay where he is, not realising there’s vervain in the water again, and leaves.

Bonnie wakes up early from the stun magic from her mother, and takes her out with expression before heading to the Gilbert house. During the struggle there, Kol throws Jeremy down the stairs, and then rips off the banister and uses it to drive through Elena’s stomach – not killing her, but tacking her to the wall. He then drags jeremy downstairs and ties him to the table to cut off his arms (because he isn’t sure which one it is). Elena manages t wriggle free of the stake, and puts a knife in Kol. This distracts him enough for jeremy to get free and douse him with vervain water. Elena uses the distratcion to take the stake from his jacket and throw it to Jeremy, who then stakes Kol.

Unfortunately for them, the door is open (Kol kicked it off its hinges), and Klaus is there, having seen the whole thing. He’s VERY upset and threatens to kill them both, but collapses on the floor as Bonnie arrives. Jeremy invites him in so that Bonnie can use her expression to lock Klaus in the living room (like the old tomb spell). Stefan decides not to dagger Rebekah after she confesses she just wants to be human and live a normal life. When she hears of Kol’s death, she’s very upset, but Stefan manages to talk her around from going all Barbie-Klaus.

The episode ends with Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Stefan and Damon at the Salvatore house. Stefan and Damon fight after Damon reveals Stefan’s latest sleeping partner, but as they’re about to get at it more seriously, Jeremy screams and rips off his shirt. The tattoo has grown to completion, and now it can be seen by everyone.

It was an excellent episode, mainly because of the emotion protrayed by the actors involved (specifically Nathaniel Buzolic, Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan – I’m sensing a theme here…). Obviously, Kol’s death saddens me, but we’ll always have flashbacks, right? There’s no way someone as good as Nathaniel Buzolic won’t be back in the show at some point, surely. Now that Jeremy’s mark is complete, I’m looking forward to seeing them find the cure, and more importantly Silas. Mainly so we can all shout ‘I told you so’ and ‘you should have listened to Kol’.

Thanks for reading.