I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘As Time Goes By’.

In 1958 a man travels to the location of a secret order at a gentleman’s club for his initiation, but the order is slaughtered by the demon Abaddon, and he is given a mysterious box to protect. The man casts a spell and arrives in Sam and Dean’s motel room in the present demanding to see John Winchester. The man briefly escapes, shocked to learn it is 2013 and tries to steal the Impala before being captured. Before he can explain who he is and what he wants, Abaddon arrives and they are forced to flee after Ruby’s demon-killing knife fails to work.

To Sam and Dean’s shock, the man explains that he is Henry Winchester, their long-absent grandfather and he is part of a secret order known as the Men of Letters who record and guard supernatural secrets. He doesn’t know what the box is, as he wasn’t initiated into the order fully yet, but they manage to track down a surviving member of the order. After learning about his son’s life from his journal, Henry attempts to return to his time to stop all of this, but is foiled by Dean. At the same time, Sam learns from the survivor, Larry, that the box contains a key to the greatest storehouse of supernatural knowledge ever known, and he asks Sam to seal it up forever to prevent evil from getting their hands on it.

Abaddon reveals herself, kills Larry and captures Sam, contacting Dean to demand an exchange of the key and Henry for Sam. Dean makes the trade, but a scuffle ensues. In it, Henry is fatally wounded, but manages to shoot a bullet into Abaddon’s head engraved with a Devil’s Trap, binding her in place and to her body. Dean decapitates her and explains they plan to cut Abaddon up and bury the pieces in cement, forever entrapping her. Henry dies, but not before telling Sam and Dean that he is proud of the man his son had become. Sam and Dean bury Henry near his dead friends from the order and contemplate their family’s history and how they are now the keepers of the storehouse if it still exists somewhere.

It was a good episode, made all the better by a terrific guest role from Alaina Huffman. Hopefully this will lead to a quest for the mysterious library, which will hopefully contain a tablet or two. Maybe Abaddon can come back (please), but actually meet her end at the hands of an archangel (please)? Who knows? We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Thanks for reading.