Primeval: New World.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Primeval: New World, ‘The Great Escape’.

The Titanis previously taken by Leeds escapes into the city. Dylan receives a phone call from Detective Harlow informing her of a potential creature attack. Arriving at the site, Evan and Dylan interview the victim (very entertaining stuff by the way), and then follow the tracks and discover the Titanis scavenging in a dumpster. The bird is scared off by the arrival of Major Douglas, who tells them not to interfere.

Evan and Dylan head to Project Magnet and confront Leeds, who explains that he took the bird as proof for his superiors. Unaware of the escape, or the invasive research performed on the Titanis, Leeds offers them his assistance. Evan downloads the GPS data for the bird from Leeds’ computer terminal and locates it at Thunderbird Arena, but Evan refuses Leeds’ offer of coming along.

As the military evacuates the building, Evan and Dylan sneak inside and search for the Titanis, setting up a GPS decoy on Dylan’s phone. As the search progresses, two servicemen are killed and the Titanis badly wounded. Unable to save its life, Dylan resolves to euthanize it to put it out of its’ misery, but she is halted by Major Douglas. Douglas is tranquilized by Leeds and Dylan shoots the Titanis. Leeds takes the blame for killing it, as well as tranquilising the Major, and is arrested by the military but leaves his Project Magnet passkey in his car for Evan.

It was a very enjoyable episode, and one that shed some light on the recent changes in Project Magnet. I can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading.