The Mentalist.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Mentalist, ‘The Red Barn’.

The CBI team investigates a murder, having happened 25 years ago, connecting Red John and Visualize. 3 bodies are found on a former Visualize farm. The team go through a lot of resources to try to solve the crime, and eventually Jane does it – using lemon juice, a hot coffee pot, and his entertaining skills. It turns out that one of the farmers was beating a local girl’s mother (who was a vet), and the girl shot him to stop him. When they took the body down into the basement where all 3 were found, they saw the other 2 bodies, and felt like they were being watched. The infamous smiling face was on the side of the barn, and there was some information given about the person who drew it. They’re getting closer and closer to Red John (Jane has narrowed it down to 408 people).

Meanwhile, Lisbon received an offer of another, better paid, job. However, after hearing about Visualizes financial support for the project, she rejects the offer. The episode ends with Jane showing Lisbon his work on Red John.

It was a fun episode, bringing back everyone’s favourite storyline. I’m glad the Red John story was back in the forefront, and I can’t wait for more.

Thanks for reading.