I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Aftermath’.

Like name, like nature – this week we deal with how things are following the end of the last episode. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time for talking, as a drug baron has his 3 best men pinned down by the feds, and calls in a hired gun to help – a former cleaner named Liam. He makes his way in and expertly dispatches the 3 men, before melting them to acid. Michael, Nikita and Owen get there soon, and use an old Division method to try to stop him. The plan works alright, except for a minor explosion and Michael not being able to shoot him because he can’t use his new mechanical right hand properly yet.

After throwing Nikita and Owen under the bus, Michael heads to the shooting range, where he and Nikita have another argument, overheard by Owen. Owen confronts Michael about it, but Michael gets defensive of his relationship with Nikita and takes a swing at Owen – that’s a mistake. Owen gets the better of it and walks away. Ryan goes to Alex (who is trying to lower her blood pressure after her drug use, so that she can return to duty) to get advice on how to deal with it.

They figure out what Liam will go after next, and this time Nikita and Owen go alone. There’s another stand-off between Liam and Nikita, but thanks to some help from Birkhoff and Michael, and a little discussion between Nikita and Liam to keep him occupied, Owen sneaks into position and dispatches of him. Back at Division, Ryan asks Owen to stick around for a while to help Nikita on missions, but we don’t get an answer. Nikita and Michael have another argument, leading to Michael saying she’d helped enough already (re: the hand). Nikita storms out, and Michael finally forms a fist with his mechanical hand and starts punching the room up.

It was a good episode, made all the better by the occasional light-hearted quips from Birkhoff, and the return of Owen. It’ll be interesting to see how the relationship between Michael and Nikita changes now. Maybe Owen will ge this shot. Or Birkhoff. Or Ryan. They’ve all had feelings for her at some stage. Whatever happens, it’ll be fun to watch.

Thanks for reading.